The North Face Men’s Vault Backpack

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The North Face Men’s Vault Backpack

I bought this backpack to use every day as a casual backpack. So far, I’m very satisfied with the overall quality and functionality. I can carry my laptop around, and it is nicely protected within a separate inside compartment, and I can also organize all of my essential accessories and smaller items as well.

The backpack is lightweight and comfortable, and I love the design which is why I bought it in the first place. Being North Face, it can easily double as a hiking and sports backpack, and blend in without a doubt. Overall, it is a very good-quality and versatile backpack, ideal for casual use regardless of what your expectations are.

Attractive design

I love how the front of this backpack looks, and how sleek and elegant it is considering the fact it is a casual sports backpack. It is ideal for people who want a more casual solution which is ultra-versatile at the same time.

The straps are nicely padded, ad durable, so you can easily over pack without having to worry.

The zips have attached plugins that match the design of the backpack, and come handy when zipping and unzipping.

There are two mesh pockets on the sides, both hardly visible from the front, thanks to the compact and slim design of the backpack, which is visually appealing.


The North Face men’s Vault backpack is versatile and multi-functional. And that’s partially the reason why I ordered it in the first place. I do like the fact that it is a design chameleon, but more so that you can use it to safely transport a laptop, as well as clothes, cameras, and other items as well.

If you are looking for a casual laptop suitable for all of you needs, this is definitely one such. And it’s super affordable as well.

Features and specs:

  • Quality fabric
  • Multi-functional
  • Looks compact and elegant
  • Can easily blend in as a sports backpack
  • The recognizable North Face logo on the front
  • Two mesh pockets on the sides (hardly visible)
  • Nicely padded back panel and shoulder straps for extra comfort
  • Air ventilation system for the back (to keep your back cool)
  • Hip strap which is removable
  • Affordable
  • Weight – 721 grams
  • Capacity – 28 L
  • Dimension: 49 x 19 x 31

Customer reviews and scores

Nearly 200 reviews are available for this backpack on Amazon. Definitely a very high rated product which people love using.


The North Face men’s Vault backpack is a high quality, versatile backpack, which is super affordable and very comfortable to wear. If you are looking for a casual daily backpack, that also doubles as a sports or hiking backpack, this is one such. Highly recommended!

Author: Russel A.