Manfrotto Advanced Tri Camera Backpack

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Manfrotto Advanced Tri Camera Backpack

I really like practical products which highlight ease of use before anything else. And this Manfrotto advanced tri camera backpack is one of those. It can carry tons of camera equipment, neatly and securely, being more versatile than any other backpack in the same category and price range.

You can easily store two fully mounted cameras, and plus few additional lenses as well. It is sturdy, robust, but still compact and elegant.

Dozens of organizational compartments

If you look at this backpack only from the outside, you’ll think it has 4 or 5 zipped compartments and that’s pretty much it. On the inside, however, it has a very nicely organized space, which can securely store and transport lots of camera gear without you having to worry.

The great thing that I especially love about this backpack is the fact that it can be worn with two shoulder straps (which are extremely comfortable), or just one strap, while you neatly fold the other and conceal it into a zipped compartment.

You can access your camera gear from the side, just like you’d do with a Lowepro backpack, which for the same convenience, and within the same dimension category will cost you more than two times the price.

Premium quality, cleverly designed

Everything inside this Manfrotto advanced tri camera backpack is put there with attention to detail. Each inch of the interior as well as exterior is carefully thought through, and designed with care.

The material is durable and lightweight, the back features one of the most comfortable panels you’ll ever have the pleasure of wearing, and the shoulder straps are padded and super comfortable as well.

It looks slim and compact, and really sophisticated.

Oh, did I also mention that you can strap a tripod and carry it without having to worry whether it falls out or not?

Features and specs:

  • Slim and compact design
  • Can store tons of gear
  • Premium quality materials
  • Super durable
  • Lightweight
  • Protective rain coat
  • Tons of organizational compartments
  • Can carry a tripod tightly secured
  • You can access your gear from the side as well without having to take it off your shoulders
  • Can be worn with a single shoulder strap or with two
  • Extra padded back and shoulder straps, for additional comfort
  • Dimension: 21 x 22 x 26.5 cm

Customer reviews and scores

With over 40 reviews on Amazon, and many more on photography forums, this is definitely one of the best deals you’ll find in relation to design, durability, and quality and storage options.


If you are after an affordable and professional-grade camera backpack, this is definitely a valid option to consider. So stylish and versatile, you won’t want to exchange it for anything.

Author: Adam T.