Large Spinner Suitcase Alistair Airo ABS 4 Wheels

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Large Spinner Suitcase Alistair Airo ABS 4 Wheels

This spinner suitcase is one of the best products in the luggage category, and I’ve already bought two additional ones for my brother in law. The shell is super durable and resistant made out of 100% ABS material, which is designed to endure a lot of casual wear and tear.

There is a 4 wheel mechanism included which means that you don’t have to drag the weight of the entire suitcase behind, you but rather push it from the side with ease. It makes maneuvering around a terminal much easier, and definitely more fun. Even my kid can manage this suitcase with ease, which says a lot given that he is a 10 year old.

Fully packed, it can handle a lot of weight, and the wheel mechanism and telescopic handle won’t give up under any conditions. Trust me; I’ve tried some crazy stunts with it while being bored on a terminal for 3 hours.

Premium quality at an affordable price

You’ll see a lot of affordable suitcases on the internet, but reviews will tell you how most of them go defective after a single trip. Two years back, my wife and I went to Paris alone, and got ourselves stuck with a lousy broken suitcase, after which we had to buy another one there (of course, we paid more than usual).

This large spinner suitcase Alistair Airo ABS 4 wheels won’t disappoint.

It is very sturdy and durable, and every part is strong and able to endure years of casual use. The handle and wheels are both there to stay.

All the necessary features

The suitcase itself is premium quality. But every part of it is equally reliable as well. It offers a lock on the side for securely transporting your stuff; two straps on the inside, and additional compartment included as well.

It also has 3 additional and very reliable handles on top side and bottom.

Features and specs:

  • Very sturdy
  • Durable
  • Strong wheel mechanism
  • 4 wheels for easy transport
  • Quality telescopic handle
  • 3 additional handles
  • Neatly organized interior
  • Affordable
  • Premium quality
  • Capacity – 120 L
  • Dimension: 33 x 50 x 75 (in cm)

Customer reviews and scores

Several reviews are available online (Amazon), and many more scattered around travel forums. All share my experience with it so far.


Regardless of your traveling habits, whether you are a frequent traveler or pack your wardrobe once or twice per year, this large spinner suitcase Alistair Airo ABS 4 wheels will definitely absolve you from having to buy another suitcase in foreseeable future.

Author: Pat H.