Outerdo Hiking Backpack

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Outerdo Hiking Backpack

Bought this one last month after my old backpack gave away due to years of heavy use… So far, I’m very satisfied with the quality and durability of this backpack. It can store a lot of stuff indeed, and even when fully loaded it doesn’t necessarily weight a ton. I guess the shoulder straps and back panel are nicely designed so that the weight is evenly distributed for ease of wearing.

Lots of organizational compartments, and many features for what seems to be a decent and affordable price – would definitely recommend this backpack to anyone who likes to hike, travel or camp frequently.

Tons of storage

It can pack as many clothes and items as it looks. Multiple pockets, compartments and pouches carry all of my hiking equipment, and there is always room for adding more.

What I like especially about it is the fact that every pocket and every compartment is nicely organized and easily accessible. The zip mechanism is smooth and reliable, and you get these plugins that allow you to grab the zipper more easily.

The design doesn’t look unorganized, but rather compact and stylish. Even when fully loaded, you won’t feel discomfort and extra weight on your shoulders.

Comfortable with lots of features

The back panel is breathable, and allows air to circulate freely. It will help a lot when you have long trips and hikes ahead of you, and especially on warm and sunny days.

The shoulder straps are also comfortable and nicely padded, and the chest and hip straps will make the backpack fit tightly and securely without bouncing around.

You also have side pockets within the hip protectors, as well as meshed pockets for water bottles too. Included is a rain coat for additional protection, able to withstand the harshest of showers.

Features and specs:

  • Tons of storage
  • Lots of compartments, pockets and pouches
  • Nicely organized interior
  • Zip plugins for ease of use
  • Durable and reliable
  • Rain coat included
  • Comfortable even for longer trips
  • Air system integrated for the back
  • Weight – 1 Kg
  • Dimension: 60 x 30 x 20 (in cm)

Customer reviews and scores

Not a lot of reviews online, but you’ll easily find 20 or so on Amazon. All are generally positive, and encouraged me to order mine one month back. People love how affordable this Outerdo hiking backpack is, and how nicely organized and comfortable it can be.


If you need a traveling backpack, or one that you’ll be using for hiking and camping, don’t hesitate to buy the Outerdo hiking backpack. It is the best value for the money.

Author: Eric R.