Freetoo Digital Travel Portable Luggage Scale

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Freetoo Digital Travel Portable Luggage Scale Review

Lots of flights and buses today require luggage to be of a certain weight otherwise overweight fees are charged. Most travellers simply approximate the kind of weight their itinerary has and hardly know for sure until they’re told it has exceeded the required limit. Opening their luggage and sorting it out to remove the not-so-necessary items is impossible at an airport where you might be required to be in your sit in a matter of minutes. To avoid incurring unnecessary overweight bagged fines and fees or having your luggage turned away the Freetoo Digital Travel Portable Luggage Scale can help you a lot.

Great features

If you don’t have a portable luggage scale you’ve no idea what you’re missing and the amount of disappointment it can protect you from. The Freetoo Digital Travel Portable Luggage Scale for instance comes with lots of features to help you travel without being bothered about the little matter of overweight luggage. Auto power-off, tare function for reading luggage net weight feature that’s precisely and fast, lock weight, low battery indicator, LCD display for easier reading and highly user friendly.

Easy to use

Once you’ve clicked the Freetoo Digital Travel Portable Luggage Scale power button, selected the best weight unit you intend to use and attached the hook or strap to your luggage handle, just lift it by the scale and peer into the digital display to read the luggage weight. It’s as simple as that. You can even weigh the bag or container and click the tare function, add the subject and see the net weight.

Specs and features

  • Measures up to 50 kilograms
  • Minimal deviation of less than 0.01 kilogram
  • Kg, g, ounce and lb units included
  • Tare function
  • Auto-clock
  • Easy to ready
  • 90 grams weight
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Auto-off, low battery and overload warning
  • Stylish and top quality for travel/home use

Reviews and ratings from verified customers

The Freetoo Digital Travel Portable Luggage Scale measures luggage of up to fifty kilograms. Verified buyers describe it as ‘great product’, ‘very, very useful’, ‘light and small’, ‘excellent for any traveller’, ‘easy to use’, ‘does its job perfectly’, ‘compact and accurate kit’ and ‘no more guessing if luggage is the right weight’.


With the Freetoo Digital Travel Portable Luggage Scale you don’t have to rush to a bathroom scale in the airport to weigh your luggage any more. It’s easy to use, compact and portable to carry around wherever you’re going.