Fjallraven Classic Kanken Backpack

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Fjallraven Classic Kanken Backpack

Launched in 1978, Kanken aims to provide young people with a reliable solution for avoiding back pain and discomfort. And instead curved back panels, it adopts the practice of manufacturing flat backs. I used to have a lot of back problems as a kid, and bought the first classic edition of this model a decade or so back. Not that it’s especially damaged or anything, but I wanted a fresh backpack in slightly different color.

Luckily for me, they continued to manufacture the same line with classic and timeless design. Reminds me so much of Asian culture, and I love how modern and sophisticated it looks, while being minimal and compact.

Very durable and sturdy

Despite being lightweight and minimal, this Fjallraven classic Kanken backpack is super durable and surprisingly sturdy. The front zipped compartment is protruded and protected with extra material on top, and the zippers are extra reliable and smooth. I love larger and more robust zippers, and this is definitely going to last a decade or so before showing signs of wear and tear.

The inside of the backpack is nicely covered with an extra protective layer, and it includes several other compartments to organize your stuff.

The shoulder straps follow the same minimal design philosophy and the web cross position gives an attractive stylistic touch. You’d love the retro design.

Sophisticated and stylish

Retro backpacks are all the rage nowadays, and this is even more sophisticated with its Asian touch, and minimal styling. I love the brick color, but other variants are equally elegant as well.

The logo on the front nicely complements the overall design, and it has a reflective surface at night, giving additional protection if riding your bike at evening or night.

It is water resistant as well.


Features and specs:

  • Sophisticated and stylish
  • Minimal and elegant
  • Super durable, will last you a decade at least
  • Asian retro
  • Webbing shoulder straps
  • Sturdy
  • Premium quality
  • Classic and timeless design
  • Iconic model
  • Water-resistant

Customer reviews and scores

Lots of reviews available on Amazon, where people are saying positive things… A common theme you’ll hear over and over is durability, sturdiness, lightweight, and aesthetically appealing.


If you are fascinated by classic, retro, and minimalistic items, this is definitely a must have. It is super durable and likely to last you decades, and the material doesn’t wear off. The price is not super affordable like some other backpacks out there, but considering what you get, it is still a bargain.

Definitely one of the best, and most elegant backpacks that you’ll ever own!

Author: Ethan G.