Cabin Max Nettuno Hand Luggage Backpack

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Cabin Max Nettuno Hand Luggage Backpack

I love pragmatic and versatile products, and never even thought about buying a suitcase as carry-on luggage choice. Grateful that I’ve found this Nettuno bag!

It has a very durable and quality fabric, and lots of storage space that’s been neatly organized. I can take a lot of my wardrobe and neatly pack tons of other smaller items for everyday use.

The shoulder straps are comfy and the bag is lightweight with ergonomic design. Wish it had wheels though, and a handle, but considering the design, price and quality already, that’d be a lot to ask.

Comes with an additional day bag

The smaller bag can be either attached to the main, or worn separately. I rarely use it for my travels, but find it useful for everyday casual use.

The fabric of both is incredibly durable, and yet soft. Both look sturdy and bulky, and at the same time elegant and compact. I really love the color and design of the bag.

There is a lot of storage space as it is, even without having to use the extra bag. You have two separate zipped compartments, with lots of organizational compartments inside.

I never have to pack everything into one huge pile anymore. This way it’s very neat and organized and I can easily access everything I need. Don’t know why more luggage companies are not using this method. There is a picture on Amazon, from this Cabin Max Nettuno hand luggage backpack, describing exactly what I mean by this.

Additionally, you have another front compartment for smaller and important items.

Lot of value for the money

Aside from getting two bags for the price of one – both of which very versatile and compact – you also have comfortable shoulder straps, a removable strap for carrying the bag over the shoulder, and very neatly organized interior.

The fabric is durable and comfortable, and the design is elegant and casual.

A lot of value for less than 40 pounds.

Features and specs:

  • Two separate bags
  • Quality fabric
  • Neatly organized interior
  • Comfortable for wearing
  • Durable
  • Elegant and compact
  • Dimension: 55 x 40 x 20 (large bag), and 33 x 20 x 8 (small bag) – in cm

Customer reviews and scores

Over 20 reviews on Amazon convinced me to order mine, and I’m glad I didn’t make a mistake. This is one quality product and many folks agree with that.


The Cabin Max Nettuno hand luggage backpack is among the best deals you’ll currently find on Amazon, or anywhere else in the luggage section.

Author: Cecilia N.