Antler Juno Large Suitcase

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Antler Juno Large Suitcase

With up to 130 L capacity, this is one of the most reliable suitcases for packing a lot of weight and still maneuvering with ease. It has a 4 wheel mechanism, which makes it super easy to carry around and a very durable hard shell able to endure a lot of casual wear and tear. You’ll likely be using this suitcase for family trips decades from now. It even includes a 10 year warranty. I guess that’s how people at Antler are confident in the quality of suitcases they are making.

The wheel mechanism is super smooth and reliable, and the telescopic handle won’t let you down even after months of heavy use (I travel quite a lot recently). It easily handles the suitcase weight, even when fully packed.

Tons of storage

Talking about storage, this Antler Juno large suitcase can pack your entire wardrobe with ease. I’m don’t own a huge wardrobe, so packing for a month long trip allows me to carry almost everything I own along.

The interior is nicely organized as well, with a very durable internal pocket, and straps for extra protection and organization, as well as extra space.

The zip mechanism is quite reliable, and I especially love hard shell suitcases because they zip easily, and always look sturdy and compact.

Premium quality

The price is not quite affordable, but I prefer to buy and have some piece of mind. A large suitcase is not something I want to buy several times in a matter of years, and definitely not something unreliable and poorly designed.

I’ve owned Antler items in the past, but left my first suitcase to my mother when I was moving out and my second smaller hand luggage suitcase to my younger sister.

This suitcase is designed with attention to detail, and looks phenomenal. There is even a secure lock system integrated on the side, and two reliable handles apart from the quality telescopic one.

Features and specs:

  • Premium quality
  • 10 years warranty
  • Super durable
  • Sturdy
  • Premium 4 wheel mechanism
  • Inside compartment with extra pocket
  • Straps integrated within interior
  • Quality telescopic handle
  • Stylish and attractive
  • Elegant
  • Capacity – up to 130 L
  • Dimension: 80 x 53 x 31 (in cm)

Customer reviews and scores

Considering the price, you cannot really say that this is a popular item. It is positively reviewed though, and Antler hasn’t changed the model with a new replacement, which means that people love what they buy.


If you need a premium quality large suitcase, and one you’ll be using for decades, consider this Antler Juno large suitcase that comes with a 10 year warranty and quality that’s hard to match.

Author: Tina S.