Amazon Basics Laptop Backpack Bundle

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Amazon Basics Laptop Backpack Bundle

If you need a casual backpack, which is also great for carrying a laptop, then this might be the best deal you’ll ever find on Amazon. I’ve bought this super affordable backpack before departing for my trip to Hawaii, and after one year of using it I’m extremely satisfied. It is super comfortable, offers more than enough storage, and I love its modern and compact design.

Very practical

The 3 main compartments offer enough space to comfortably pack for a trip or anything else you can think of, really. The laptop department can carry most 15 inch laptops, and some 17 inch laptops, depending on how tight you pack the other 4 zipped compartments.

All in all, you get 3 main compartments, one medium, and one smaller. Those on front feature extra pockets and organizational departments, making this Amazon Basic laptop backpack bundle ideal for college and work as well.

The mesh water bottle pockets on each side are ideal for carrying smaller items as well, making them super convenient. Zipper mechanisms are reliable, smooth and durable.

Quality and style

I love the design of this backpack, because it makes it look like a much smaller version of what it actually is. It looks compact, sleek and aerodynamically shaped. The white stripes add to this design perception, and come handy if you use a bike for transport, especially at night.

The material is thick, wrinkle-free, and looks like it can easily withstand harsh environments and years of usage.

Features and specs:

  • Premium quality
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth and durable zippers
  • Lots of storage
  • 3 ultra large compartments and two smaller ones
  • Can carry up to 17 inch laptops
  • Think padded protection for the laptop
  • Organizational compartments making it ideal for college or work

Customer reviews and scores

When buying this Amazon Basic laptop backpack bundle, there were over 400 customer reviews. Checking again now, there are well over 700 reviews, which put this backpack among the top selling items in every category.

Almost all of the reviews are positive, complementing durability, design, and how pragmatic it is.


If you need a casual laptop which can easily and safely transport up to 17 inch laptops, then this one is definitely the one. It is sturdy, though lightweight, as well as durable, and cleverly designed.

For people who want a backpack that is multipractical, whether we are talking about travel, everyday use, or work and college, this is definitely a model to look at. The price is super affordable, and the backpack is really comfortable to wear. Would definitely recommend this to a friend!

Author: Ron S.