Amazon Basics DSLR Laptop Backpack

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Amazon Basics DSLR Laptop Backpack

This DSLR backpack is the ultimate storage solution for your gear. Lightweight, easy to maneuver around, and super comfortable, it will allow you to pack and transport your items with ease. I used it for almost 3 months now, and so far I’m super satisfied with the quality of material, as well as how pragmatic everything is. Appreciating good product design (which is my day job), I can see that a lot of work went into making this Amazon Basic DSLR laptop backpack.

Lots of storage

Compared to other backpacks, the storage of this one easily outranks even pricier models. You can easily fit 2 camera bodies, 3-4 lenses depending on the type, and one 17 inch laptop, which is rare with DSLR backpacks.

The main storage department is further improved by allowing you to readjust the pouches, therefore making room for whatever equipment you need to transport.

Extra straps secure each piece of equipment, and the padding between the compartments is thick enough to protect your gear even if you decide to throw the backpack on the ground.

The front zipped departments feature lots of pockets, tight net departments, and dozens of small compartments to improve organization.

Clever design and premium quality

The top handle is sturdy and provides a comfortable grip. The interior is extra padded, and the zipped compartments open smoothly and with ease. You’d especially love the color on the inside which is either a consistent grey, or orange, depending on what you choose.

The straps are super comfortable, and designed to last a lifetime. You also have additional ones for the waist and chest.

Additional straps are provided on the side, for securing bulky equipment such as a large tripod.

Features and specs:

  • Premium quality
  • Lightweight
  • Thick padding for extra protection
  • Super comfortable
  • Additional straps on the side for carrying a tripod
  • Suitable for professional photographers
  • Distributed by Amazon
  • 1 full year warranty

Customer reviews and scores

With over 300 reviews on Amazon, this Amazon Basics DSLR laptop backpack is among the most reviewed photography products. People love how comfortable, pragmatic and reliable it is. Lots of folks choose the orange color, because it looks modern and sleek.


If you are a semi-professional or even a professional, this backpack is definitely worth the price. And even if you’ve picked up photography as a hobby, buying this backpack would be a heck of an investment. Considering the quality materials and clever product design, expect it to last decades. Would definitely recommend!

Author: Joshua B.