Samsonite Luggage

Founded in Denver, Colorado, in 1910 by Jesse Shwayder, Samsonite is one of the oldest and most popular American luggage manufacturers and retailers. Jesse named his first case Samson, after the biblical strongmen, and then started using the trademark Samsonite in 1941.

Today, the company sells massive numbers of different types of luggage, and has released many iconic brand lines under its own trademark. The High Sierra line, for example, introduced some of the most popular backpack models.

Though initially associated with hard luggage, and especially Samsonite suitcases, the Samsonite Company sells variety of bags, backpacks and dozens of other lines of products. Often, these products excel, as best of their line. Take for example Samsonite messenger bags, which offer premium quality at a very competitive price.

Samsonite Luggage Models

The Samsonite StrydeHardside is probably one of the best lines of hard shell suitcases, designed to look modern, elegant and sophisticated. You can also notice the Samsonite Silhouette line, which is probably one of Samsonite’s flagship products.

The Samsonite Omni is also fairly popular, and super modern.

The Samsonite Tectonic, a timeless classic, is still one of the best backpacks you can find for your money. The price/quality ratio is so well adjusted, that you’d be buying a world renowned brand, without having to pay a fortune. This backpack is chosen by many veteran travelers who know what to look for when shopping for luggage.

The Samsonite Mightlight is also one of those deals that pay dividends over the years.

Why you should buy Samsonite Luggage?

Unlike other competitors, Samsonite has been on the market for quite a long time. Their products are used well over two or three decades and usually last for life. Regardless of whether you are a frequent traveler or not, a Samsonite luggage set will last you a lifetime.

The hard case luggage is now probably Samsonite’s mark, but other features are what really set this company apart.

When you buy from Samsonite, you should expect a quality wheel mechanism, friction free wheels, and one of the best luggage handles on the market. And this goes regardless of what line of products you end up choosing.

As far as zip mechanisms go, Samsonite luggage will make you forget the usual frustration associated with large suitcases and packing for a trip. Everything is smooth, frictionless, and keeps being that way for well over a decade.

Stunning Sesign

There are people who believe that luggage has to serve a largely functional purpose, and pay little to no attention on design. The truth is that you can have both. With Samsonite models, you get functional and pragmatic suitcases and bags, while also buying elegant and modern design. The Samsonite brand is something that you can recognize fairly easy.

The company invests a lot of resources on staying at the top of the industry, so expect models well ahead of their time, characterized by minimalism, modern and sleek design.

Buying a Samsonite hard case luggage set, is probably the best traveling decision you’ll ever make.

Revelation Luggage

First founded in 1946, Revelation operates the largest manufacturing capacity in South Africa. It sells worldwide, through retail stores and department stores, but you can also find super-affordable deals on Amazon.

The Revelation brand offers lines of suitcases and carry-on luggage which compared to competitors are way more affordable. The quality though, while not being closely comparable with that of Samsonite, is still impressive.

The Revelation suitcases are reliable, including smooth and durable wheel mechanisms, as well as decent telescopic handles.

Revelation Hand Luggage

The hand luggage though, is where Revelation thrives. These small suitcases are sturdy, lightweight and extremely durable. You can easily compare them with other more established and pricier brands, though they cost way less.

Revelation also pays attention to design and color variants. So you can easily find a suitcase to your heart’s desire.

The Revelation hand luggage features even better wheel mechanism and the same handle mechanism that larger suitcases use. Therefore, the handling is smooth, and you can expect them to be even more durable than their larger counterpart.

It is not really hard to find some of these carry-on items at surprisingly low prices. Around 20 or 40 pounds, these probably have the best price/quality ratio in the luggage department on Amazon.

The model Revelation Finally is likely the best deal you’ll ever find for a carry-on suitcase. If you know someone who loves to travel, the super affordable price makes this one the perfect fit for a gift.

The Revelation Abby, on the other hand is extra stylish, feminine, and chick.

Revelation Suitcases

The large Revelation lightweight suitcase is also a great choice if you are on a budget. Though affordable, these suitcases have a lot of value to offer.

Durable as their pricier competitors, and equally well-made, their catalog of large and lightweight suitcases is something you should look at.

Amazon has lots of Revelation suitcases that sell well judging by looking at the number of reviews and ratings.

Revelation Travel Bags

The revelation travel bag is another category where the company excels. These travel bags are lightweight, stylish and include several useful features.

The Revelation Rita trolley bag, for example, is one of the best deals you can find on Amazon. It has a capacity of over 100 liters, looks stylish and elegant, and features a strong and durable set of wheels and telescopic handle.

The Revelation Monza is also a travel bag that meets all of your expectations, and then some.

The Revelation travel bags, similarly to the other lines of Revelation products, are affordable and pragmatic.

Lot of outlets may sell these, but even at a large sale event, you’ll still find more and better deals directly on Amazon. The Revelation Monza, for example, sells at an incredible price of 25 pounds on Amazon. And this is true for the summer season as well as any other.

If you are looking for a pragmatic and fancy travel bag, but also want to save on price, don’t hesitate to choose the Revelation Monza or the Revelation Rita. The same is true for carry-on luggage, and even larger suitcases.

North Face Luggage

Founded in 1968, The North Face Company is an American manufacturer and retailer specializing in outerwear, footwear, shirts and coats, as well as equipment such as North Face backpacks, sleeping bags and tents.

Appealing to college students, snowboarders, climbers and hiking enthusiasts, the North Face brand symbolizes endurance and adventure.

Founded by Douglas and Susie Tompkins, The North Face started as a San-Francisco retail store, specializing in climbing. Then it was acquired by Kenneth Klopp, and expanded its interest into ski-wear, camping equipment, and especially backpacks.

Operating from Alameda, California, The North Face and its corporate sibling Jan Sport have manufactured over half of all the backpacks sold in the USA.

Maintaining a strong link with the outdoor community, North Face is often the go-to brand for mountain enthusiasts when purchasing equipment. Even the logo which still decorates most of the products represents a massive monolith in Yosemite National Park.

North Face – A World Renowned Brand

Visiting most of the larger department stores and outdoor retailers, you’ll find that all of them sell lines of North Face products. Additionally, The North Face operates 20 outlet locations and 55 retail stores just within the United States.

It also operates a large number of stores worldwide, including 6 in Canada and 19 in the United Kingdom.

On Amazon, North Face is probably one of the most popular brands in the outdoors and sports department, selling hundreds of products on top ranking positions.

North Face Backpacks

The backpack is what North Face is famous for. And while people often associate the brand with hiking backpacks, you’ll be surprised to see the catalogue of modern, urban and minimalist items they sell.

The North Face Berkeley for example is an elegant and modern backpack that is perfect for around the campus. North Face appeals a lot to students, and now the rising startup culture.

Its backpacks are reliable, and can endure a lot of wear and tear over the years. The design, though, is what sets them apart from any other backpack manufacturer. The North Face backpacks almost always feature the logo, as well as some other cool and stylish elements that add to the character of the product.

You’ll find the material to be incredibly strong and durable, and the zip mechanism never fails – which is especially important for backpacks.

Geared towards adventurers and mountain enthusiasts, North Faces designs even other lines of backpacks with pragmatism in mind. You’ll find many useful compartments, lots of hidden pockets, and smart storage divisions which ease packing and organization for any trip.

North Face Hiking Backpacks

The North Face hiking backpacks are also the highlight of the company, and these, just as the casual backpack, are super affordable when compared to other brands and competitors. The quality though, doesn’t suffer the price drop.

The interesting thing about North Face is that it designs their casual backpack much towards the hiking backpack.

The specialized hiking backpack though, is likely the best investment you can make if you want to pack your stuff in a large and easy to maneuver around bag.

Kipping Luggage Company

Founded in Belgium, in 1987, Kipling is a fashion brand that sells backpacks, handbags, totes, luggage, and travel accessories.

Over the years, Kipling has expanded its company operations internationally, mostly in USA and Italy, and then started to sell worldwide. Today, more than 215 Kipling stores operate worldwide, mostly in capitals like London, Paris, Hong Kong…

The interesting story about Kipling luggage is that the brand name derives its origin from Rudyard Kipling, the original author of the Jungle Book. Therefore, the brand logo includes a monkey, which is also a signature feature of any bag they sell- the monkey key-hanger comes with every Kipling bag.

Originally, only one monkey design was featured, but now, as more lines are introduced, and more styles show up in their catalogue, the monkey key-hander evolved as well.

The Kipling Luggage Company

As part of the Sportswear group of the VF Corporation, the Kipling brand is a sister company to Nautica. They made around 350 million euros in retail sales even back in 2009.

The distribution goes through over 4000 multi-brand stores, and more than 450 shop-in-shops dispersed worldwide.

Compared to other brands, the Kipling Company closely follows trends, launching several mobile applications for browsing through their catalog, as well as travel friendly applications like weather forecasts, and puzzles games.

Till this day, Kipling is most recognized for selling quality travel bags and a variety of handbags.

Though slightly pricier than Revelation models, Kipling bags are still quite affordable when compared to Samsonite or Antler. The quality, though, is much higher than that of Revelation, at least in the travel bags department.

Kipling Travel Bags

Almost all of the Kipling travel bags feature a built-in wheel mechanism, as well as a telescopic handle. And though the company favors elegance and style, it is not one that values minimalism. Kipling bags are rather pragmatic, featuring a wide variety of storage departments.

Some of the bags resemble suitcases. And this is especially true if we observe the smaller carry-on luggage items. The coloring patterns are modern yet simplistic, which adds a lot of elegance and style. Kipling favors bright and consistent coloring, so it rarely adds color variations within a single product, and loves to offer different varieties of the same line of bags, but in different color.

Kipling also sells a variety of backpacks, all trendy and stylish. The monkey key-holder is a timeless touch, and collectors will likely pay a good price on E-bay, especially if you own some of the older, retro models.

Kipling Travel Totes

The travel totes represent a mix between handbags and travel bags, and are very compact and lightweight.

And that’s a stylistic direction of most of the Kipling products. They tend to combine the best from one category, with what is useful from another.

You’ll find lots of hybrid luggage, which is neither a suitcase, nor a travel bag. It means that Kipling luggage items are often practical, yet trendy and unique.

Kipling Suitcases

The Kipling suitcases are affordable and can easily compete with top-of-the-industry brands.

All feature excellent wheel mechanisms, as well as sturdy and reliable telescopic handles. The zip is durable and reliable, and like most premium quality brands, extra smooth.

A new trend in designing recent models is adding vibrant color patterns that look very hip and stylish. There is also the hybrid design I’ve mentioned earlier, that penetrates each and every category.

Some of the suitcases are iconic, timeless, and easily outrank even the far pricier brands. Take for example the Kipling Darcey, which is once in a lifetime investment when buying a carry-on suitcase.

They sell children’s backpacks, gym bags, and messenger bags as well.

Herschel Supply Luggage Co

A manufacturer of hipster retro backpacks, Herschel Supply is Canadian company founded by Lyndon and Jamie Cormack in 2009, based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Unlike other more established brands, Herschel expanded very quickly, with over 10,000 points of sale in 2016.

Many magazines described the brand as a global phenomenon, which especially swiped over the young population. Popular, at first, on college campuses and among young people, it took over the startup culture, slowly entering the business fashion.

A Herschel backpack is more of a fashion item, than a luggage one. And this is to be said while also acknowledging the fact that these backpacks are among the most practical, durable, and well-made luggage items in the world.

The name, logo, leather straps and material, are all used to evoke a sense of American nostalgia. These backpacks represent the true retro backpack, consolidated and sold through a single company.

Herschel Backpacks UK

The Herschel backpack is probably the flagship category of products that the company sells. And while there are dozens of different model variations, almost all include the retro appeal either through design, or material used.

The backpacks are practical, ultra-lightweight, and markedly stylish. The colors used are either melancholically consistent, or sharply contrasted- which gives an additional touch of retro.

The price depends on what type of backpack you’d choose, and thus can greatly vary. It doesn’t however, pass over the 100 pounds mark, and you can often find models at a much more affordable price, say, around 30 or 40 pounds.

Minimalism is also a feature of some product lines, so you can say that Herschel is not interested only in the retro backpack design, but in the elegant, stylish and contemporary direction as well.

Herschel Children’s Backpacks

The Herschel children’s backpacks are likely among the best and most popular children’s backpacks within the industry. You’d rarely find an item that matches several criteria all at once, like some of the Herschel models do. Take for example the BagBase Heritage backpack, which is among the most popular products on Amazon in any category, with around 800 reviews, most of them super positive.

Herschel combines durability, which is especially important for children’s backpacks, with style, contrasting and vibrant colors, and quality. The backpacks are super lightweight, and don’t strain the shoulders like competitor products often do.

Herschel Wallets

Herschel fulfills a gap in the market, where there is a high demand for simplicity and style. Therefore, you’d find lots of travel accessories as well as travel bags, totes and messenger bags, which follow the same retro style.

Herschel men wallets, for example, are among the most popular ones on Amazon. They all strive for simplicity, retro appeal, and quality of materials that tend to last a decade.

Women wallets are the same story. If you want something that represents style, but is also pragmatic and minimalist, then go with Herschel, regardless of the lije of products.

The wallets match the price of those sold by brands such as Pull & Bear, but go much higher in terms of quality, durability and aesthetics.

Herschel is a brand of expressing with minimalism, style and elegance. Whatever product you decide to buy, will likely last you for decades.

Antler Luggage Company

Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, Antler is one of the biggest British companies and luggage manufacturers and retailers in the world. Founded in 1914 by John Boultbee Brooks, Antler now operates from its offices in London, Chicago and China, selling several lines of products worldwide.

After the 1950’s boom in airplane tourism, Antler decided to expand internationally, offering a variety of carry-on luggage and suitcases that matched user preferences. Nowadays, Antler offers some of the most premium luggage models, and top-of-the-industry suitcases and travel totes.

Antler Suitcases

Antler’s suitcases are similar to those of Samsonite, only far more extravagant and modern. They are sleek, stylish and incredibly strong, given their other marketable trait, which is super low weight.

If you are a frequent traveler, or want to take your trip with style, an Antler suitcase is definitely a lifetime investment. Though they are slightly pricier than, say, Samsonite, they offer top-of-the-line products, which will far exceed your needs and expectations.

The Antler Juno and Antler Prism models are one of the best lines of luggage products available today, and they perfectly combine hard case exterior with a soft, cushy and premium quality exterior- something that many brands fail to deliver, even at comparatively similar or slightly higher prices.

The Antler Saturn and Antler Aire, are probably one of Antler’s more popular lines of products, and compared to most of the Antler catalogue, quite more affordable.

Antler Carry-ons

Antler put their focus on carry-on luggage and large suitcases. So if you travel alone, and travel often, buying an Antler carry-on will change how you experience your trips. They are reliable, lightweight, and extremely durable.

The price, however, tends to reflect these facts, so most of their carry-ons, even in smaller size, are pricey when compared to other brands.

The investment is worthwhile though.

Antler Suitcases

The large Antler suitcase is probably one of the company’s main points of focus. You’d therefore find lots of suitcase lines, each different in its own light, though all of them including important quality features.

The Prism, Aire, Saturn and Cyberlite, all include reliable and premium quality wheel mechanisms. The telescopic handles are between the best in the industry, and the zip mechanism is smooth and sturdy.

The inside of each case is soft and features premium quality materials.

All suitcase lines are lightweight and easy to maneuver around even when packed full. This is mainly due to the quality wheel mechanism, as well as the durable but light materials used for the base and sides.

Each suitcase is a separate story, and Antler tried very hard to give every model a recognizable face. The design is ultra-modern, sophisticated, and very elegant.

Antler Totes

Antler totes are even lighter in weight while they still preserve the same standard of quality as the suitcase line. They come with quality built-in wheels, as well as telescopic handles which are reliable and smooth.

The design for the Antler totes comes with pragmatism in mind, first and foremost, but they too look stunningly elegant.

EastPak Luggage

Eastpak is one of the largest luggage retailers offering a variety of backpack models, as well as travel duffels and messenger bags. With a solid history of successful product lines, Eastpak is probably the only luggage brand ever that offered lifetime warranty. For legal reasons, of course, it was reduced to 30 years. This should tell you a lot about the quality of products that Eastpak has to offer.

Generally interested in producing and selling bags, they expanded and now dominate part of the backpack market in US, as well as worldwide.

Eastpak products feature quality materials, modern and elegant texture and colors, as well as design that is pragmatic and sophisticated.

Eastpak Backpacks

Eastpak appeals to adventurous young people. Its backpacks are often chick, trendy, and modern. The full scope of products is not geared towards youngsters though. Some of Eastpak backpack models are strikingly elegant and minimalist.

You’ll find lots of Eastpak laptop backpacks even on Amazon, and prices usually reflect the quality of the product, but still maintain a fair degree of affordability.

Regarding quality, the price/quality ratio is hard to match, even from more established brands like Samsonite. The backpacks though, represent a style just as much as they represent functional products.

You can tell a lot about how sophisticated Eastpak products are by simply browsing on Amazon. Take for example the EastpakCiera, or the Eastpack London. Elegant, sleek, stylish…

What is also true about Eastpak, is that backpacks, and other products in general, don’t feature millions of departments for storage. Most Eastpak backpacks rely on simplicity, following a very minimalistic design angle.

Eastpak Travel Bags

The company is renowned by the quality and pragmatic approach to designing travel bags. Each bag is sleek and minimalist, but on the other hand very pragmatic and designed with the travel experience in mind.

You’ll find almost all Eastpak travel bags to come with a shoulder strap, nice and comfy handles, premium quality zip mechanism…

If you find a good deal on travel bags which also include a wheel mechanism and telescopic handle, never hesitate to buy. These will last you a lifetime, and are very pragmatic and stylish as well.

I personally love backpacks, especially because they are so easy to maneuver around, and weight a fraction of what a suitcase usually does.

The Eastpak Reader’s bag is probably one of the most popular bag models around, and if you are fan of sports, athletics or going to the gym, this is a great investment. Additionally, you can get one as a present, precisely because they’d last for decades. The grey edition is one heck of a bag to look at.

If you’d like a smaller version of that, you should look at the Eastpak Men’s Stand bag.

Eastpak Travel Accessories

The waist packs, especially the bum bags, are Eastpak’s item of choice. The Talky bum bag is definitely a timeless classic, and great as a gift for someone who is into traveling, camping or hiking.

The bum bags are affordable, yet also reflect the quality of Eastpak’s products, which is a statement of how much attention they pay on detail and satisfying the user.