History Of Backpacking

Through the years, backpacking became a popular rite of passage for many teenagers. Some claim that backpacking has fallen even the street from other heavily marketed journey niches and become also packaged and formalized. While humans have been traveling for centuries, it is only already been in the last 300 that they have done so numerous reasons that do not involve escaping from life-threatening circumstances like famine, warfare or the odd saber-toothed tiger. Before the seventeenth century, people traveled purely numerous reasons relating to survival. The hippy route is the unofficial nickname for the path stretching between Europe and India through which thousands of long-haired Westerners journeyed in even the 1960 and 70s.

Usually, the hippies started their travel in London or Amsterdam and headed east, hitchhiking or traveling overland via trains to Turkey and after that buses and ride shares across Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Hitchhiking is a common method of the journey for backpackers in the 1960 and 70s. The hippie trail is thought to have now been impressed by a subsidized expedition made ten years before in 1955.

The overland journey along portions of even the Silk Route was made by British university students, whose travels were published and converted to a documentary, therefore sparking young adults curiosity about the path Marco Polo had traced some 700 years earlier. For the broke and unemployed experience seekers, traveling overland on foot or coach was an attractive alternative to pricey air travel. As airline journey was still in its infancy and very expensive, even the idea of traveling overland appealed to even the new era of vagabonds due to its relatively cost-effective. Also, even the Far East, popularized by even the Beatles 1968 visit to India, held an ideal mixture of mystery and mysticism had a need to spur young adults’ desire to have an adventure, enlightenment or, as frequently was the case, hashish. For a range of quality backpacks in the UK, browse the Luggage Supermarket!