Carry On Luggage Restrictions

All passengers attempting to travel to or from United States and Canada with the prohibited devices may be denied boarding. Baggage accepted for carriage as traveler’s luggage might only contain such articles essential for wear, use, comfort or comfort regarding the trip. For a number of reasons articles like those listed below should not be carried in passengers cabin luggage. Stunning devices designed especially to stun or immobilize. Objects with a sharp point or sharp edges that can be used to cause severe injury aren’t permitted on board and in several cases, items used even to knit, stitch or crochet may fall under this restriction.

Blunt instruments able to getting used to cause severe injury when used to hit. Explosive material and incendiary materials and devices capable, or appearing capable, to be used to cause severe injury or to present a threat even to the safety of aircraft. For several reasons articles such as those listed below shall not be carried in passengers cabin/hold baggage without the consent of Icelandair and prior arrangement. When replacing spare lithium batteries for laptops and/or any spare fuel cells and cartridges for the powering of electronic devices for cameras, cellphones, laptops and camcorders, items must be carried in carry-on baggage. In case your carry-on luggage is taken off the cabin and stored in the hold you should declare such items before removal. If a damaged, defective or remembered battery or device is observed to have already been carried unintentionally on board an airplane, the traveler involved should maintain the battery or device switched off, protect it from accidental activation, maintain it on their individual, and not charge it to anyone moment. For more Carry On Luggage info, visit the Luggage Supermarket!

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